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Array Stage Adapter

View Cell Activity


ECIS systems typically quantify data in real time under incubator conditions and report the data to the ECIS software, but the cells may be viewed with an inverted tissue culture microscope while collecting ECIS data simultaneously. With the ECIS Array Stage Adapter, researchers can view activity of their cells while collecting data in real time.


Applied Biophysics offers a microscope stage adapter which fits into a standard inverted manual or motorized microscope stage with a plate opening dimensions of 160mm x 110mm. The stage adapter accepts two 8 well ECIS arrays and includes the ECIS electrical clamps with 152 cm cables to connect to the ECIS controller. This allows simultaneous optical viewing and impedance measurement of cell activity.

  • - Optical viewing of cells during ECIS data accumulation
  • - Fits standard inverted microscope stages
Adapter Includes:
  • - Stage adapter
  • - ECIS electrical clamps w/cables

  • - Platform: 9.5 x 13.5 cm
  • - Base: 10.9 x 16 cm
  • - Cable: 152 cm