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What does ECIS stand for?

ECIS stands for Electric Cell-Substrate Impedance Sensing.

How is ECIS pronounced?

ECIS - (ë'sis) n. adj.

Does ECIS require labels?

No. ECIS is a completely label free measurement.

Can the cells sense that they are being monitored?

No. The AC current used to monitor the cells is 10 X below their ability to sense any current. It's as if you are eavesdropping on the cells.

What is impedance?

Impedance is a measure of the opposition to a sinusoidal AC current. Impedance extends the concept of DC resistance to AC circuits. It describes not only the amplitude of the voltage and current, but also the phase of the voltage relative to the current.

What does ECIS measure?

The ECIS system measures the change in impedance as cells cover a 250um diameter gold electrode and block the current flow.

What is micromotion?

Micromotion is the intricate movement and unique ruffling of cells.

What is modeling?

We can apply a mathematical model of the impedance changes due to the presence of a cell layer, where the impedance data can be used to calculate cell morphological parameters including the barrier function of the cell layer, the spacing between the ventral side of the cell and the substratum, and the cell membrane capacitance. In the model cells are represented as disk shaped objects having insulating membrane surfaces and filled with conducting electrolyte.

What kind of cells can be monitored?

Cells must adhere to the substrate.

Can the array surface be pretreated with protein?