Applied BioPhysics (ABP) automates tissue culture research by measuring the impedance of mammalian cells cultured on small electrodes. We provide electric cell-substrate impedance sensing (ECIS) instruments, disposable cultureware and optional accessories designed to work with ECIS instruments.

Ivar Giaever (Nobel Prize in Physics 1973) and Charles Keese started ABP in 1991 to commercialize the invention they discovered while working for General Electric. Since the formation of the company the ECIS approach has been applied to numerous applications and there are now ECIS instruments in research labs, hospitals and pharmaceutical companies across the world.


Our current impedance instruments:

ECIS Ztheta + 16 or 96 well array station
TEER 24 - Barrier Function Measurement System
CP96 - Cell Proliferation Measurement System



Our cultureware includes:

Standard 8 well arrays (1E, 10E, 10E+)
Standard 96 well arrays (1E, 10E+)
Specialty arrays (flow, chemotaxis, etc.)
ibidi products



ECIS options include:

Wound Healing Module
Hypoxia Chamber
Array Stations
P-Flow Peristaltic Pump