CO2 Microscope Stage Incubator System

The Model S1S ECIS stage incubator system provides proper temperature and atmospheric conditions to allow simultaneous ECIS and optical measurements. The device fits on the stage of an inverted tissue culture microscope and accommodates up to two 8 well ECIS arrays. Temperature, monitored by a thermocouple located in the chamber, is controlled by a circulating water bath connected to the device. Temperature output can be logged with the ECIS data. Two gas flow rotameters and a bubble humidifier are included to control the atmosphere within the incubator. The system includes all necessary tubing and fittings.










Model S1S ECIS Microscope
Stage Incubator System includes:

  1. Model S1 ECIS stage incubator (6.25" x 5" x 1.5")
  2. Two ECIS array clamps with 30” shielded cables
  3. Temperature controlled water bath
  4. Thermocouple in the stage incubator
  5. Bubble humidifier
  6. Dual gas flow rotameter
  7. All tubing and fittings
  8. Fits 160 x 110mm stage inserts type.