Applied BioPhysics Customer Referral Program

Do you know someone among your circle of colleagues who could benefit from the ECIS® technology?

Our experience is that you, ECIS user, are the most qualified researcher to judge if a colleague could benefit from our ECIS technology. Should you refer a colleague who ends up purchasing an ECIS instrument, we will reward both you and your colleague each with $1000 credit for the purchase of ECIS arrays.

We hope that you are pleased with your ECIS measurement system, and we would like to reward you for any referrals that result in new instrument sales. We simply ask that you provide us with a scientist who you believe can benefit from the ECIS technology.

Program Details

  1. You must be a current ECIS® customer
  2. The credit will be earned upon the successful purchase of an instrument by the referral
  3. You must submit the form below to be eligible or send an email to Catherine Toniatti, US Sales Mgr,
  4. The credit must be used within 18 months from the date of the sale
  5. Applied BioPhysics has the option to make the final determination of eligibility
  6. This program is only valid in North America
  7. The referral should be notified of the program before submitting their name to Applied BioPhysics
  8. The referral should be notified that someone from Applied Biophysics will contact them (Catherine Toniatti, US sales Mgr,

Referral Form

We will respond with a confirmation email

Sample Letter

Dear Colleague,

I currently use an impedance analyzer from Applied Biophyiscs to measure (application ECIS is used for). I would like to recommend that you also consider this technology for your research. If you decide to ultimately purchase an instrument, Applied Biophysics will support our lab with some additional ECIS arrays through their referral program ( link to program ). Should you purchase, you would also receive a credit for ECIS arrays. Would it be acceptable to provide your information to Applied Biophysics? If so, they will contact you to provide more information.



  • What if the referral leaves the institution but they still purchase?
  • The credit will still be applied
  • What if you move to another institution?
  • The credit will be applied to your new institution
  • Is there a limit to the number of referrals?
  • No
  • Is there a time limit on a referral?
  • No
  • Is there a time limit to using the $1000 array credit?
  • 18 months