Barrier Function Measurement System
Continuous real-time TEER, 5-1,000 ohm-cm2
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Teer 24

Teer 24 Data

Cell Dish

TEER 24 uses standard 6mm filter inserts

  • Continuous long-term measurement of TEER from under 10-1,000 ohms cm2 in up to 24 wells
  • Uses standard commercially available 6mm membrane inserts
  • Fast barrier function dynamics can be monitored
  • Accurately measures Endothelial and Epithelial barrier function
  • Located in incubator for long term experiments
  • Real time visualization of TEER, control of sampling rate
  • Group average, and compare data
  • Up to 24 wells can be simultaneously displayed and analyzed
  • Data output in CSV or graphical (JPEG, TIFF)