ECIS p-Flow Peristaltic Pump

The ECIS Z and ECIS Z Theta instruments can be equipped with a flow option specifically designed for researchers who wish to employ ECIS measurements to study the behavior of cells under flow conditions. A variety of flow slides are available: a single channel (0.4 x 5 x 50mm) which has 8 electrodes, a six channel with one electrode per channel, and a "Y" channel to simulate vessel branching. Various combinations of channel heights and types of electrodes (1E or 10E) are also available.

Flow can be programmed from slow rates to perfuse the cells with medium to high rates yielding shear stress similar to that experienced by endothelial cells in vivo. In addition to steady laminar flow, the flow programming also includes the ability to generate pulsed flows of different periods and with varying flow rates


In addition to the peristaltic pump and software, the system includes all tubing and fittings, medium reservoir and flow damper. Although only one or two pumps are required for many ECIS applications, multiple pumps can be connected together via a USB hub, all controlled independently by the software. The ECIS Z and ECIS Z Theta instruments can also be equipped with an elevated field module which allows for electroporation and/ or cell migration measurements, via automated wound-healing assays, under flow conditions.



The Model ECIS p-Flow can be controlled manually to adjust flow rate from -20ml/min to +20ml/min with a minimum flow rate of 70ul/min. Direction of the pump can be adjusted via a toggle switch or controlled automatically via the ECIS software
(V 1.2.151 or higher).

The pump can be programmed to run continuous or ramp up and down. It can store complex programmed flow profiles and run them disconnected from the PC. Each pump has a unique serial number so multiple pumps can be run from one PC by using a USB hub if required.


P-Flow Pump Manual

Performance specifications:

  • - Maximum Flow Rate with 3mm ID tubing: 20ml/min
  • - Minimum Flow Rate with 3mm ID tubing: 70ul/min (1.2uL/sec)
  • - Flow Rate resolution with 3mm ID tubing: 70ul/min from -20ml/min to +20ml/min
  • - Max ramp rate 0-20ml/min: 150msec (forward or reverse)
  • - Full forward to full reverse, -20ml/min to +20ml/min: 400msec
  • - Pump Speed: -60 to +60 RPM stepper driven motor
  • - Pump Resolution: 1024 increments/rev
  • - Control Input: USB or RS232
  • - Dimensions: 4.12"W x 4.12"H x 6.25"L
  • - Case: Powder Coated Aluminum

Model ECIS p-Flow peristaltic pump kit includes:

  • - Pump
  • - 15V DC, 1.2A input power supply
  • - USB cable
  • - 3mm ID, 1mm wall thickness bioprene tubing (10m)
  • - (2) 25ml bottles with caps and luer lock exit ports
  • - 10 pack Red N Lock Ring to 1/8" (3.2mm) barb
  • - 10 Male slip Luer to female Luer