I-Flow Perfusion Pump

Perfusion IN-1090X Pump System Manual

This system allows cultivation of cells under up to 50 ml/min flow conditions for high shear stress experiments and can be used with suspended cells in the perfusion medium with minimal cell damage from the syringe-based pumping system. Long term flow experiments are possible with a limited amount of medium, as the medium can be cycled back and forth through the flow array.

The system consists of two main components (1) the computer managed flow controller containing an air pump that generates pressures (-100 to +100 mbar with +/-1mbar accuracy) to operate the syringes and (2) the fluidic unit consisting of two syringes and computer-controlled values. The closed flow setup can be assembled and, after cell cultivation in the incubator, transferred to the microscope without compromising the sterility of the system. In addition, using an ECIS stage adapter or incubator, cells can be monitored both electrically and optically concurrently.

Up to four fluidic units can be managed using one controller

  • - *uni-directional flow continuous flow
  • - *oscillating flow possible
  • - Flow rate: 0.5-50ml/min
  • - Shear stress: 0.5-85 dyne/cm2
  • - Working volume: 3-15ml
  • - Recommended working volume: 10ml
  • - Fluidic unit can be placed in the incubator
  • - Software included with system (from ibidi)