Mission Statement

Applied BioPhysics manufactures ECIS™ (Electric Cell-Substrate Impedance Sensing) instruments and arrays for monitoring the behavior of cells in tissue culture. We not only pride ourselves for being the founders of an automated, quantitative, real-time instrument, we also pride ourselves on being as academic minded as we are business savy. Our primary intention is to provide an instrument that answers the researchers experimental question(s). A system sitting idle is as much of a loss to you as it is to our company.

We thrive on creating a strong ECIS™ community, a network between ECIS™ users, and with Applied BioPhysics. We rely heavily on peer reviewed publications to learn about how ECIS is being used for various applications. In turn we are able to connect ECIS™ users with one another when questions arise about specific assays, cell lines, experimental conditions, and protocols.

All of our products are manufactured in the USA, 95 percent of which are manufactured at our facility in Troy, NY.

We have a dedicated team of employees that make our customers and their research a priority. It is not uncommon for us to make ourselves available after hours when researchers have questions, or need assistance.

Applied BioPhysics, Inc. has a mission to bring you innovative technology to benefit your research, with guaranteed satisfaction through manufacturing and person to person communication. Reliable, reproducible, and real-time results are our universal approach to the cell-science community.

Environmental Impact Statement

Applied BioPhysics is dedicated to minimizing its environmental impact, and ensuring a sustainable future by finding opportunities within both its operations and business practices to promote environmentally sound choices.

Applied BioPhysics is developing innovative solutions to bring about change by:

  1. Continuing improvement in daily operations that contribute to the health and well-being of its employees, as well as the surrounding community.
  2. Promoting the practices of reducing, reusing and recycling of all materials.
  3. Conducting its business activities in the most environmentally sound manner possible.

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