CO2 Compact Tissue Culture Incubator

The ECIS array holder is normally located in a tissue culture incubator to provide the normal growth requirements for cells. Since thermal and CO2 fluctuation affect the behavior of the cells and can show up in ECIS measurements, we recommend the use of an incubator that is only opened and closed occasionally during data acquisition. In addition, many laboratories only have incubators in common rooms dedicated for tissue culture and these may not have space for the ECIS electronics that must be placed immediately adjacent to the incubator. For these reasons one may wish to consider a tissue culture incubator dedicated to the ECIS instrumentation.


We offer a tissue culture incubator to be used in conjunction with the ECIS instrument. The incubator is compact having an exterior footprint of approximately 24 x 24 inches (28 inches in height) and a 1.8 cubic foot interior chamber. A water jacket provides excellent thermal stability and CO2 levels are automatically maintained with an infrared sensor. A one inch port on the right side of the incubator is provided for the ECIS leads as well as for tubing if using the ECIS flow module system. A custom port sealing bracket is included to provide a secure seal for the ECIS cable.