Dynamic Flow Module

The ECIS Z and ECIS Z Theta instruments can be equipped with a flow option specifically designed for researchers who wish to employ ECIS impedance measurements to study the behavior of cells under flow conditions. The ECIS flow arrays provide eight independent measuring electrodes on the floor of a channel 0.5 cm wide and 5 cm long with a height of 0.4 mm (with other heights available).

In addition to steady laminar flow, the flow programming also includes the ability to generate pulsed flows of different periods and with varying flow rates. A peristaltic pump included with the system is designed for operation in the high humidity of the tissue culture incubator. Flow rates can be incrementally programmed from slow perfusion of medium across the cells up to rates yielding shear stress similar to that experienced by endothelial cells in vivo.

flow diagram

In addition to the ECIS Pump Controller, peristaltic pump and software, the system includes all tubing and fittings, medium reservoir, flow damper and a starting supply of flow arrays. Although only one or two pumps are required
for many ECIS applications, the Pump Controller can control up to 8 peristaltic pumps, all controlled independently by the software. The ECIS Z and ECIS Z Theta instruments can also be equipped with an elevated field module which allows for electroporation and/or cell migration measurements, via automated wound-healing assays, under flow conditions.


Flow Hardware:

Flow Control Software:

Standard Flow Array:

Pump 5-40 RPM
1-8 pump configurations available
8 pinch valves available for each set of 2 pumps
Tubing sizes: 0.8, 1.6, 2.4, 3.2 and 4.0 mm
Flow rates: 1.2, 4.4, 9.6, 16.4 and 23.6 ml/min
@ 40 RPM
RS232 Serial Interface to ECIS Instrument

Integrated into ECIS software
Programmed RPM
Calculated flow rates and shear stress
Pulsing flow

Channel height: 0.4 mm (other heights available)
Channel volume: 100 μl
Channel length: 50 mm
Channel width: 5 mm
Growth area: 2.5 cm2

Download the Dynamic Flow Module PDF.