8W TransFilter Adapter
(ECIS 8W TransFilter Application Note)

The ECIS® 8W TransFilter is designed to measure the TEER of cell layers grown on 24 well membrane filter inserts available from a broad range of manufacturers. The 8W TransFilter accepts up to eight 6.5mm dia. cell culture inserts. The 8W TransFilter is comprised of three parts, the base with contact pads and individually addressed gold electrodes, the common gold-plated stainless steel dipping electrodes, and a lid.

Cell culture inserts fit into the wells of the base and the dipping electrode assembly are inserted into the cell culture inserts and rest on three gold pins that stick out of the base. The clear lid covers the wells to keep the contents sterile during transport from the tissue culture hood to the incubator.

The 8W TransFilter fits into one side of the ECIS® 16 Well Array Stations and two 8W TransFilters may be run simultaneously. An 8W TransFilter and a normal 8W array may also be run together. Data acquisition proceeds as normal using the ECIS® Software.