Angiogenesis u-Slide

u-Slide for cell microscopy on or in 3D-gel matrics, providing flat gel surfaces with a minimum of gel used

angiogenesis u slide for cell microscopy

Angiogenesis ibidi u-Slide

  • flat gel surface = all cells in focus
  • homogeneous 0.8mm thick gel layer
  • 4mm well in 5 mm will
  • use only 10 ul of gel per well+
  • low evaporation
  • compatible with multi channel pipettes

angiogenesis cell culture slide

"well in a well" feature avoids meniscus formation

designed for 10 ul of gel matrix

angiogenesis ibidi u slideAngiogenesis tube formation

+The gel matrix is not part of the product.

catalog numbers:
ibiTreat, tissue culture treated, sterile
hydrophobic, uncoated, sterile
Microdissection, PEN-membrane, sterile

angiogenesis ibidi uslideibidi angiogenesis  slide for cell microscopy

technical details:
number of wells
volume of inner well
10 ul
Ø inner well
4 mm
volume upper well
50 ul
Ø upper well
5 mm
growth area per inner well
1.25 cm2
bottom matches coverslip
No. 1.5